In this project we are analyzing data from the 10 European brown bear populations. Data on these populations are available through BearConnect partners or through collaboration with relevant stakeholders working on bear research and management across Europe.

The 10 brown bear populations in Europe considered in BearConnect. The populations for which data are directly accessible through project partners are highlighted in red. 

Having the best data available is critical for implementing science-based conservation and management. Therefore, we are collaborating with relevant stakeholders to use the data they have collected for brown bears in Europe, in order to make the project outcomes the most relevant for connectivity planning at the European level. To do this we have organized a workshop at the beginning of the project to engage stakeholders in project activities and coordinated with them to combine different datasets for the European bear populations. We also have a platform dedicated to the stakeholders within our website.

Map showing study locations

Figure taken and modified from Boitani et al. 2015 - Key actions large carnivore populations in Europe