Work Packages

To accomplish project objectives, we are combining telemetry, demographic, genetic and ecological data from 10 European brown bear populations, and using approaches from landscape genetics, ecological modelling, and food web analysis to assess movement, dispersal, gene flow, and range and food web dynamics as the key processes for species persistence and adaptation, and for maintenance of ecosystem services. We have organized the project in five highly integrated work packages.

  • Work Package 1

    Analysis of functional connectivity

  • Work Package 2

    Identifying key trophic links in food webs and quantifying ecosystem services

  • Work Package 3

    Modelling the range dynamics of brown bear and the brown bear trophic web in response to environmental change

  • Work Package 4

    Evaluation and optimization of ecological networks

  • Work Package 5

    Stakeholder engagement and dissemination for conservation planning

Diagram of WorkPackages

Diagram indicating relationships and interactions among the various work packages